How to connect 2 computers for file sharing;crossover cable connection.

crossover cableThere are many ways to connect computers for file sharing;one of them is to pass through routers ,those magic black boxes we plug our PCs into to be able to surf the web.But what if you just want your two computers to be able to communicate without using a router?You can do it!All you need is a crossover cable and a few configurations on both PCs and you are ready to go!

In this article,we will be connecting a Windows 7 PC to a Windows XP Professional PCContinue reading

Energy and power.

Energy and powerEnergy is defined as the ability to do work.There are many ways we can make sense of this statement.For example,when current passes through a resistor,heat is generated.This heat can be used in winter to heat up our rooms ,or in our kitchens for cooking purposes;this is work being done !Continue reading

Lab apparatus and circuit measurements;the basics.

electronics measurementThis post has a concept enforcing video ,click here to access it.

Any practicing electronics technician has a certain amount of apparatus he has to deal with on a daily basis.These include : a DC power supply,a voltmeter,an ammeter,an ohmmeter,a digital or analog oscilloscope,a function generator and many others.Some manufacturers may combine multiple functions inside one device;a good example of this is a multimeter which supports itself the functions of the ammeter,the ohmmeter and the voltmeter.In this article we cover devices that measure the quantities we have already covered in previous articlesContinue reading

Ohm’s Law.

This post has concept enforcing videos.Click here(Users outside China) or here(Users in China) to check them out.

Ohm’s law gives us a way to mathematically relate voltage,current and resistance.This is important since it allows us to determine an unknown quantity from those we already know or can easily measure. Ohm’s law states thatContinue reading

What is Networking?

networkingNetworking is a practice of connecting devices in such a way that they can exchange information.In our modern technology era ,whenever we need appliances or devices to communicate or exchange some kind of information,the concept of networking arises.In this article,we go through some networking basic principles taking reference to common networking devices we deal with on a daily basisContinue reading

Voltage,Current and Resistance.

Voltage imageThis post has concept enforcing videos!Click here(Users outside China) or here (Users in China) to check them out.

Voltage,current and resistance are basic quantities in all electrical circuits.To get off on the right foot in this series of circuit analysis,we have to make sure these concepts are nailed down.And …,nailed tight!Continue reading

How do I understand my Electronics course.

Electronic components - Resistor and capacitorThe first time I came in contact with electronics, I was at high school . We dealt with devices such as simple dc motors,electric lights and teachers told us it was a combination of these basic devices and many others that made possible the construction of the more advanced and sophisticated devices that we have got so dependent on in our daily lives.

I was always amazed at how electronics could do so many things ,and wondered ifContinue reading