bliboard : Interactive Lesson Building and Whiteboarding Software

bliboard is a software product for interactive lesson creation and whiteboarding.It gives teachers and speakers instant access to our large resource base comprising of images and animations that are carefully designed for our main target audiences : kindergarten, primary&secondary schools, college and office or conference meetings. The clean and Intuitive user interface combined with convenient pen and touch capability makes it a perfect choice for any school or organization wishing to take advantage of modern technology is the classroom or meeting room.

General Specifications

Pen and Touch Capability bliboard's rich toolset of pens markers and other annotation tools and whiteboard touch capabilities allows you to flawlessly get your point on the board.It features a broad range of common shapes and convenient page manipulation tools.
Cross Platformbliboard runs on major platforms like Windows Mac and Linux
Clean and intuitive Interface if you can use Power Point, then you can use bliboard.The page navigators allows you to browse through your pages.The tools and icons have been carefully designed to give you maximum flexibility.
Languages bliboard currently runs in three languages ,namely English ,French and Chinese
Large tutorial basebliboard has a lot of documentation and training videos on youtube to help show you around.
Integrates with most whiteboard hardware It integrates with our large number of whiteboard and projector products to the plug and play level.It has even proven to work flawlessly with hardware from other vendors.

System Requirements

Operating SystemsWindows ( 7 and above)
Mac OS X 10.9 and above
Linux (binaries for ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04)
Hardware Specifications2.0 GHz Processor
512 MB RAM
1024x768 resolution display
1.5 GB of free disk space (PC)
3.0 GB of free disk space (for Mac)

Detailed Features

Whiteboard manipulation:

  • Pen and marker tools for live whiteboard annotation
  • Eraser
  • Selector
  • Object based interface
  • Laser pointer
  • Unlimited screen scrolling
  • Zoom in & Zoom out
  • Text Editor
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • Object alignment
  • Pen Color & Width Control
  • Marker Color & Width Control
  • Eraser Size Control
  • Copy ,Cut & Paste Objects
  • Add and Delete Pages
  • Previous & Next Page Navigation
  • Unlimited Undo Redo Operations
  • Object Grouping
  • Object Locking
  • Clear Page Objects
  • Set Independent Page Backgrounds
  • Object Alignment

Geometric Shapes:

  • Square &Rectangle
  • Circle & Ellipse
  • Triangle ,Pentagon ,Hexagon,Heptagon,Octogon.
  • Free hand Polygon
  • Free hand curve
  • Fill Style Control
  • Transparent Fill
  • Color Fill
  • Gradient Fill
  • Arrow head drawing
  • Border Style Control

Document Manipulation:

  • Saving Documents
  • Loading Saved Documents
  • Save As Feature
  • Export Pdf
  • Document Loading through Screen Capture
  • Import Images ( JPG,PNG,GIF)
  • Import SWF Animations

Software Editions

bliboard-standaloneWith this edition, you get to fully enjoy the cool features inside bliboard but you also have an added responsibility of setting up your own whiteboarding hardware.This is recommended for companies with whiteboarding hardware but that don't have their own whiteboard Software.
bliboard-customYou can request a custom build from our Company so you have your own features that are not necessarily available in the mainstream build.This option gives you access to our source code so your own team can start from there and build your own product.
bliboard-bundledbliboard mainstream comes packaged with our broad range of whiteboarding products.This way you get a fully working whiteboard system with projectors and/or whiteboards so you can start using it in your classroom or conference room right away.This the recommended way as our capable tech support team takes care of Software&Hardware hustles for you.