Antenna Basics

Antennas being able to make communication between two communicating ends without physical contact, are widely used in wireless communication such as satellite communication, mobile communication, radio and TV broadcasting . Important to say, no antenna no wireless communication. In the sections to follow, we are going to explore the basic knowledge of antenna.Continue reading

C++ Video Series

c++ We have started a new series of tutorials on C++ .They are intended to be an interface for people who have been programming in C++ and want to dive in GUI programming.More on these tutes –>>Here<<–

Working with LEDs

light emitting diodesLight Emitting Diodes are devices that are mostly used as indicators and for lighting purposes ,and that,just because they can emit light!In this article we cover what they are and go through different scenarios of using those versatile devices.The goal is to show that the simple and yet powerful basic concepts of electronics covered so far can be used to realistic and meaningful ends.Enough talk,lets get our hands dirty!Continue reading

How much do you know about Computer?

How old is the word”Computer”? The word “Computer” has been part of the English language since 1646,but if you look in a dictionary printed before 1940,you might be surprised to to find a computer defined as a person who performs calculations! Prior to 1940,machines that were designed to perform calculations were referred to as calculators and tabulators,not computers.The modern definition and use of “Computer” emerged in the 1940s, where the first electronic computing devices were developed.Continue reading

Network simulation application softwares.

Simulation is a process by which we fake the behavior of a system in a way that allows us to analyze it as if it was really running and working in the real word.Simulation has had many applications in engineering and it is often used to test the logic accuracy of a design.Network engineering hasn’t lagged behind in terms of simulation.There are many application software’s that let you design ,implement and troubleshoot your network design and we are covering some that are commonly used in this articleContinue reading

Series-parallel circuits.

series parallel circuitsWe already have a considerable amount of information about circuit configurations.We can build and analyze Series and Parallel circuits. In this article we analyze a more practical configuration you are most likely to run into in your daily life as an electric circuit designer, implementator and troubleshooter.Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the Series-Parallel circuit configuration!Continue reading