XMPP Made Simple : Roster and Presence Explained.


In a previous tutorial, we did our best to explain the basic concepts of XMPP in layman terms. We touched on the architectural and addressing aspects of the protocol and looked at its building blocks. In this tutorial we are moving one step up and looking at how XMPP manages contact lists and how it lets us advertise online status (online|offline) to our contacts. We will also explore how we can impose restrictions on who can see your online status. Lets get started shall we?

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How to scan QR Code in Android Apps

If you’re here, you probably need to integrate QR Code functionality into your existing android app. We are doing just that. When it comes to scanning and generating QR Codes into your android apps and for any platform out there for that matter,zxing comes among the libraries that can help. Rightfully so. It is the best in my opinion.

QR Code scanning on android can have a huge amount of details and most of the time the developer just wants to start some activity and get the result. That’s why we created a library to help you do that. No more talking, lets do some work.Continue reading

Android Smack XMPP Introduction:Building a Simple Client


Xmpp is a protocol for Presence and Messaging , and Smack is a Java/android implementation of the protocol that helps developers build fast client applications.When one embarks on the journey to build android chat apps based on xmpp using Smack ,there are a lot of pitfalls one can come across as you are trying to combine the three worlds of Java , Android and the Xmpp protocol itself to build one coherent product.This tutorial aims at documenting these and possible ways to mitigate them.By the end of this tutorial ,you will have an android chat client that can connect to and XMPP server , send and receive messages .Most importantly ,you will learn the android plumbing necessary to get all this rolling.Lets get started.Shall we.

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Android Health App Design : Saving Data in SQLite Database

android_sqliteThe last tutorial left our health android app ,Imirire usable by the user for the first time .Users could select foods , input gram counts and have the total calorie count displayed right away.Did we mention that it was more pleasing to the eye? 😉 ,In this tutorial we are going to improve the model of our application and let it save its data in an SQLite database.Along the way ,we ll discuss some practical tips to go by when debugging database applications on the android platform.Continue reading

Android Health App : Handling User Input

android_imirire_user_input_events_menu_displayedThe last turorial in this series left us with a pretty user interface that is dumb in one way : it didn’t handle user input ,in other words we want the calorie total count to be constantly updated as users input grams in EditTexts for chosen foods.We are going to change that in this tutorial.We will also look at how ridiculously easy it is to add menus to your apps so the user can perfrom other stuff on your app.Let’s get our hands dirty making our app better.Continue reading

Android Health App Design : User Interface Made Beautiful

android_imirire_add_foodsThe previous tutorial of our series left imirire list view showing up nice and clean but it is no secret it looks awful .In this article we are going to fix that.In that regard ,we modify the text display to resemble a calculator display screen ,change the lists items so they fill up the width of the screen and fill our model with more realistic data the user can work with.Lets just jump right in.Continue reading

Android ,Working with Fragments.

android_proud_iconIf you know what an activity is in android ,then you have probably crossed paths with the Fragment concept.The android documentation defines it as a behavior or a portion of user interface in an Activity .It is a stripped down version of an activity that can handle its own lifecycle events but that still needs an activity to host it.I have found a lot of examples that explain how to use fragments but none was focused enough to cover the features I need the most like static fragmentsContinue reading

Android health app Design , building the ListView with Model View Controller Pattern

MVCIn a previous tutorial ,we created the Android Studio project for our app but we really didn’t do anything fun and interesting.This is where the fun begins as they say.We are going to add a list view to our app ,following the Model View Controller Design Pattern ,we are going to wire the list view to our internal model so our app is flexible from the developer’s perspective,in this regard Adapters and ViewHolders are introduced.Along the way we will discuss some design choices we make to make our app the best Calorie Counter app the earth has ever seen… 😉 ,lets get going.Continue reading

Android health App Design ,First Steps.

android_studioIn a previous tutorial ,we laid out the design goals for our health android app called RyaNeza.Some people suggested that the name looks ugly on their android screens so I changed the name to Imirire( a noun meaning approximately the act of eating in Kinyarwanda) .This tutorial is about action .We are going to create the project ,get a feel of what is available in Android Studio and explore the optionsContinue reading

New health android killer app idea :Imirire

android_health_appLately I have been working on my android skills as I have a few projects I will need to use them in the near future and I was hunting for ideas on a simple and and yet useful project that I could start and build as I learn new things .

One of my motivations to learn android is that I want to familiarize myself with native mobile device programming.I have been writing desktop applications for a few years now mainly using the Qt framework .Qt is super perfect for desktop applications .While being a cross platform Continue reading