How much do you know about Computer?

How old is the word”Computer”? The word “Computer” has been part of the English language since 1646,but if you look in a dictionary printed before 1940,you might be surprised to to find a computer defined as a person who performs calculations! Prior to 1940,machines that were designed to perform calculations were referred to as calculators and tabulators,not computers.The modern definition and use of “Computer” emerged in the 1940s, where the first electronic computing devices were developed.Continue reading

How to connect 2 computers for file sharing;crossover cable connection.

crossover cableThere are many ways to connect computers for file sharing;one of them is to pass through routers ,those magic black boxes we plug our PCs into to be able to surf the web.But what if you just want your two computers to be able to communicate without using a router?You can do it!All you need is a crossover cable and a few configurations on both PCs and you are ready to go!

In this article,we will be connecting a Windows 7 PC to a Windows XP Professional PCContinue reading