How to Get Rid of SSL Warnings in Qt Applications : QSslSocket: cannot resolve TLSv1_1_client_method Warnings

While working with the network aspects of your Qt applications, the majority of new people to Qt will face these cryptic warnings while to fetch data that is protected by TLS/SSL. In fact you are most probably here because you had that problem and you’re looking for a solution ;-). Most solutions online do try to address the problem and provide solutions, but to my knowledge none tried to lay out the root of the problem and provide clear steps to follow to solve the problem.It is the goal of this article to get this problem solved for you!Continue reading

HTTP Potocol : Writting a simple Client using Qt QTCPSocket and troubleshooting using telnet

http_tute_telnet_terminal_processedI have been reading the specification for the HTTP protocol lately for my projects needs and found that one needs an easy way to test the features you read about very easily either by using readily available tools or even writing your own in code.I cover both approaches in this tutorial.First I show you how to use telnet ,a command line tool you can use to interact with your server to exchange protocol data ,and after that ,show you how you can build your own reaaaaally stripped down version of a GUI telnet client using Qt.Continue reading

How to Install ejabberd from source code on linux ubuntu

ejabberd-xmpp-logoejabberd is an XMPP application server powering a good number of instant messaging applications out there.In this post we are going to learn how to install it on a unix based operating system.I will cover ubuntu14.04,but the steps should work on all systems with little or no modifications.

While installing any piece of software ,it is always a good idea to check what the official documentation has to say ,processOne has a good page covering how to install ejabberd.In this tutorial we are going to install from the source code as I find this option most flexible(it is also the most complicated).Continue reading

ns3 beginner tutorial

I was looking for good beginner tutes for ns3 (besides the official doc ofcourse) and stumbled on this cool link:

Introduction to NS-3

It is organized in slides and you might want to use your arrow keys to navigate through’em.

Hope this helps

Network simulation application softwares.

Simulation is a process by which we fake the behavior of a system in a way that allows us to analyze it as if it was really running and working in the real word.Simulation has had many applications in engineering and it is often used to test the logic accuracy of a design.Network engineering hasn’t lagged behind in terms of simulation.There are many application software’s that let you design ,implement and troubleshoot your network design and we are covering some that are commonly used in this articleContinue reading

How to connect multiple computers for file sharing.

multiple computersIn a previous post,we have explored the ins and outs of connecting two computers ,using one physical communication medium,the crossover cable.This was relatively easy to accomplish because we had 2 PCs to connect and each PC had its own communication port(RJ 45 Crossover cable slot), two communication ports total.This was good and we were communicating .In this article we wish for more than two computers to communicate,lets say 3,4 or even 10!Continue reading

How to connect 2 computers for file sharing;crossover cable connection.

crossover cableThere are many ways to connect computers for file sharing;one of them is to pass through routers ,those magic black boxes we plug our PCs into to be able to surf the web.But what if you just want your two computers to be able to communicate without using a router?You can do it!All you need is a crossover cable and a few configurations on both PCs and you are ready to go!

In this article,we will be connecting a Windows 7 PC to a Windows XP Professional PCContinue reading

What is Networking?

networkingNetworking is a practice of connecting devices in such a way that they can exchange information.In our modern technology era ,whenever we need appliances or devices to communicate or exchange some kind of information,the concept of networking arises.In this article,we go through some networking basic principles taking reference to common networking devices we deal with on a daily basisContinue reading