How to scan QR Code in Android Apps

If you’re here, you probably need to integrate QR Code functionality into your existing android app. We are doing just that. When it comes to scanning and generating QR Codes into your android apps and for any platform out there for that matter,zxing comes among the libraries that can help. Rightfully so. It is the best in my opinion.

QR Code scanning on android can have a huge amount of details and most of the time the developer just wants to start some activity and get the result. That’s why we created a library to help you do that. No more talking, lets do some work.Continue reading

Modifications on nginx conf file to make wordpress work.

nginx-wordpressSometimes after you install your nginx powered wordpress site everything is working fine until you modify your permalinks or something nasty happens because you were happy to fast and forgot something.You start getting those 404’s .Not to worry wordpress doc has got you convered .Change your nginx.conf according to the snippet below.More details can be found on the codex page. The snippet is left here for convenience.Continue reading

HTTP Potocol : Writting a simple Client using Qt QTCPSocket and troubleshooting using telnet

http_tute_telnet_terminal_processedI have been reading the specification for the HTTP protocol lately for my projects needs and found that one needs an easy way to test the features you read about very easily either by using readily available tools or even writing your own in code.I cover both approaches in this tutorial.First I show you how to use telnet ,a command line tool you can use to interact with your server to exchange protocol data ,and after that ,show you how you can build your own reaaaaally stripped down version of a GUI telnet client using Qt.Continue reading

Qt C++ QTranslator tutorial

qtlanguistIn this (video) tutorial I go through the steps and tools involved in the process of writing international applications with the Qt toolkit.By the end ,you will be able to effectively use lupdate ,lrelease and Qt Languist to write an app that runs in english ,french and chinese!The video can be accessed through the links below: (Youtube and Youku).Continue reading

How to Build Software from the sources

Building software form sources is the process of compiling the source code so you can get the final executable file your users can run and enjoy .In this series of tutorials we attempt to cover how it is done form a practical point of view .Along the way we show the tools ,tips and tricks one uses to get the job done.Also we make sure that the code you compile works both on Linux and Windows.Continue reading

How to use to makefiles –Compiling Hello World

When managing the build process of your source files,compiling ,recompiling and keeping track of which object files need to be rebuilt can bee a tedious task. Make tools were created to ease that build process.All you have to do is tell them the structure of your project and the dependency relationship between your files and you are done! Give the command and your project is built(rebuilt) and all the dirty details are handled for you.Continue reading

Compiling C/C++ programs–Object Files

Object files are generated in the process of compilation [Link].They contain a set of machine code instructions (made of lots and lots of 0s and 1s),and computers understand them pretty well.Once you have object files for your C/C++ program ,you are one step away from the final executable file ,which is the whole purpose ofContinue reading

Compiling C/C++ Programs from Command Prompt/Terminal

Building Software from the sources is a process that combines compiling and linking the source code.The result of the process is a binary executable that the end user can run on his/her target machine.In this article ,we will be building a simple hello world program that is organized into multiple files to expose important details.Our program will be built both for Linux and Windows and we will be working on the terminal/command prompt.Continue reading