How to install nginx and PHP on Windows

Once in a while you want to have a test web development environment in which you can test your ideas more freely. Considering that most server systems we have dealt with are all linux (I don’t know about you) setting up one on a windows system without using the existing WEMP( Windows Nginx Mysql Php) packages was a bit challenging for us. We then wrote this article to for us to have a place to jump to next time we need that. If somebody else finds it helpful even better!Continue reading

Setting up Git Collaboration for your Internal Developer Team

git-logoGit is the defacto go to version control tool if you have reached a point where you need collaboration between your developer team members.Git being amazing at its job though ,many entry level people find it hard to set up and shy away from its benefits if there is no one around to guide them.In this tutorial we will see how to set up git for use in a small team of developers on a local network(which is the case for many small companies). Although we will talk about some basics of git ,we assume that you can do basic adding,committing and branching for your git repositories,if you can’t do that already ,please read about it and come back here.Now the fun begins.Continue reading

How to make WordPress install plugins and themes automatically.

wordpress-iconIf you have ever installed wordpress on your own hosted server( where you have root access and manage everything yourself), you may have seen the problem where wordpress can’t install a your favorite theme or plugin and instead gives you a window saying that it needs ftp information (which is misleading in some way).The real problem is that your http server doesn’t have access rights to the location where these themes or plugins should be installed and we are fixing just that in this tutorial.To get rid of this problem ,you really have to do two things.Continue reading

Modifications on nginx conf file to make wordpress work.

nginx-wordpressSometimes after you install your nginx powered wordpress site everything is working fine until you modify your permalinks or something nasty happens because you were happy to fast and forgot something.You start getting those 404’s .Not to worry wordpress doc has got you convered .Change your nginx.conf according to the snippet below.More details can be found on the codex page. The snippet is left here for convenience.Continue reading

How to install ejabberd with os specific package(.deb)

ejabberd-xmpp-logoIn a previous tutorial we showed how to install ejabberd from source code wich is rather involved process but also flexible.In this tutorial we show a less complicated way to get your ejabberd instance up and running.

This will work for you only if processOne or someone has already provided packages for the operating system flavour you are using.The ProcessOne installation page states that they provide both RPM and DEB packages respectively for RedHat and Debian based systems.Continue reading

How to Build Software from the sources

Building software form sources is the process of compiling the source code so you can get the final executable file your users can run and enjoy .In this series of tutorials we attempt to cover how it is done form a practical point of view .Along the way we show the tools ,tips and tricks one uses to get the job done.Also we make sure that the code you compile works both on Linux and Windows.Continue reading