How to use to makefiles –Compiling Hello World

When managing the build process of your source files,compiling ,recompiling and keeping track of which object files need to be rebuilt can bee a tedious task. Make tools were created to ease that build process.All you have to do is tell them the structure of your project and the dependency relationship between your files and you are done! Give the command and your project is built(rebuilt) and all the dirty details are handled for you.Continue reading

Compiling C/C++ programs–Object Files

Object files are generated in the process of compilation [Link].They contain a set of machine code instructions (made of lots and lots of 0s and 1s),and computers understand them pretty well.Once you have object files for your C/C++ program ,you are one step away from the final executable file ,which is the whole purpose ofContinue reading

Compiling C/C++ Programs from Command Prompt/Terminal

Building Software from the sources is a process that combines compiling and linking the source code.The result of the process is a binary executable that the end user can run on his/her target machine.In this article ,we will be building a simple hello world program that is organized into multiple files to expose important details.Our program will be built both for Linux and Windows and we will be working on the terminal/command prompt.Continue reading

Working with LEDs

light emitting diodesLight Emitting Diodes are devices that are mostly used as indicators and for lighting purposes ,and that,just because they can emit light!In this article we cover what they are and go through different scenarios of using those versatile devices.The goal is to show that the simple and yet powerful basic concepts of electronics covered so far can be used to realistic and meaningful ends.Enough talk,lets get our hands dirty!Continue reading

Network simulation application softwares.

Simulation is a process by which we fake the behavior of a system in a way that allows us to analyze it as if it was really running and working in the real word.Simulation has had many applications in engineering and it is often used to test the logic accuracy of a design.Network engineering hasn’t lagged behind in terms of simulation.There are many application software’s that let you design ,implement and troubleshoot your network design and we are covering some that are commonly used in this articleContinue reading

How to connect multiple computers for file sharing.

multiple computersIn a previous post,we have explored the ins and outs of connecting two computers ,using one physical communication medium,the crossover cable.This was relatively easy to accomplish because we had 2 PCs to connect and each PC had its own communication port(RJ 45 Crossover cable slot), two communication ports total.This was good and we were communicating .In this article we wish for more than two computers to communicate,lets say 3,4 or even 10!Continue reading

How to connect 2 computers for file sharing;crossover cable connection.

crossover cableThere are many ways to connect computers for file sharing;one of them is to pass through routers ,those magic black boxes we plug our PCs into to be able to surf the web.But what if you just want your two computers to be able to communicate without using a router?You can do it!All you need is a crossover cable and a few configurations on both PCs and you are ready to go!

In this article,we will be connecting a Windows 7 PC to a Windows XP Professional PCContinue reading

Energy and power.

Energy and powerEnergy is defined as the ability to do work.There are many ways we can make sense of this statement.For example,when current passes through a resistor,heat is generated.This heat can be used in winter to heat up our rooms ,or in our kitchens for cooking purposes;this is work being done !Continue reading