How much do you know about Computer?

How old is the word”Computer”? The word “Computer” has been part of the English language since 1646,but if you look in a dictionary printed before 1940,you might be surprised to to find a computer defined as a person who performs calculations! Prior to 1940,machines that were designed to perform calculations were referred to as calculators and tabulators,not computers.The modern definition and use of “Computer” emerged in the 1940s, where the first electronic computing devices were developed.

What is a Computer? Most people can formulate s mental picture of computer, but computers do so many things and come in such a variety of shapes and sizes that it might seem difficult to distill their common characteristics into an all-purpose definition.At its core a Computer  is a device that accepts input processes data, stores data, and produces output, all according to a series of stored instructions.

Computer input is whatever is out into a computer system. Input can be supplied by a person, by the environment,or by an other computer. Examples of the kinds of input that a computer can accept include the words and symbols in a document, numbers for a calculation, pictures, temperatures from a thermostat, audio signals from micro-phone, and instructions from a computer program. An input device, such as a keyboard or mouse,gathers input and  transforms it into a series of electronic signals for the computer.

In the context of computing, data refers to the symbols that represent facts, objects, and ideas. Computer manipulate data in many ways, and we call this manipulation processing

The series of instructions that tell a computer how to carry out processing tasks is referred to as a computer program, or simply a “program.”These programs from the software that sets up a computer to do a specific task. Some of the ways that a computer can process data include performing calculations, sorting lists of words or numbers, modifying documents and pictures, and drawing graphs. In  a computer, most processing take place in a component called the central processing unit (CPU), which is sometimes described as the “brain” of the computer.

A computer stores data so that it will be available for processing. Most computers have more than one location for storing data, depending on how the data is being used. Memory is an area of a computer that  temporarily holds data that is waiting to be processed, stored, or output. Storage is the area where data can be left on a permanent basis when it is not immediately needed for processing.

Output is the result produced by a computer. Some examples of computer  output include reports, documents, music, graphs, and pictures.An output device displays, prints, or transmits the results of processing.

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  1. That’s cool.It is fascinating to see that we can package instructions into a computer program to tell it to do exactly what we want to do.I like the idea.

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