Getting Started With Bliboard(Youtube Videos)

On this page ,we host a collection of Video Tutorials for getting started with Bliboard.You can watch from start ot finish or just select the topic that interests you for the moment.Either way we have got what you want covered.

1.The General User Interface

2.Working with the Pen

3.Using the Eraser Tool

4.Using the Highlighter Tool

5.Using the Selector Tool

6.Using the Page Scroller

7.Working with Text

8.Showing and Hiding windows and Toolboxes

9.Adding and Deleting Pages

10.Navigating Next and Previous Pages and Undo Redo Operations

11.Working with Backgrounds

12.Copy, Cut and Paste Tools

13.Saving and Loading Documents

14.Loading Resources

15.Exporting Document as PDF File

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Daniel Gakwaya loves computer Hardware/Software.He is a Software Engineer at BLIKOON and lead developer of bliboard-The whiteboard system currently marketed by the company.He is known to hack around on any piece of tech that happens to pick his interest. More on his tech endeavors here
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