bliboard – The Modern Whiteboard System Software

bliboard is a whiteboarding software we designed to work with our projectors and other whiteboard system products. It features the tools you would expect like pens, markers you use to annotate your documents, lets you draw a rich set of geometric shapes and more.It also supports the loading of popular formats like word,ppt ,excel,txt files and more. bliboard is designed to let you save and reload your documents, so your work is portable across our line of products.

Interactive Whiteboards

These are more than just traditional whiteboards.They are large display surfaces that connect to a computer. The projector projects the computer screen to the whiteboard,where the user uses pen and stylus tools to control the computer.This setup allows for teachers and students to enjoy a modern tech enhanced classroom experience.

Traditional&Interactive Projectors

Our projector products are mainly designed to work in tandem with bliboard and our whiteboards.These include traditional projectors that need additional patch hardware to work as whiteboard systems(more fit to bugdet tight setups) and full featured smart interactive projectors that just work the moment you plug them in.

Whiteboard System Accessories

Whiteboard systems require more than just whiteboards and projectors to work.They need hardware capable computers, power adapters with appropriate ratings. Some low end projectors even require external devices to whiteboard-enable them. These accessories and the above mentioned products are packaged in differenct solutions to meet different users budget capabilities.

Salama-The android lifestyle app for East Africa

Salama gives you instant access to routine daily services like buying and selling stuff, looking for jobs, house and plots buying...On top of that you can chat one on one or in groups with your friends and send text, images, videos and all the goodies.

Imiziki – The largest online repository for Rwandese Music

Imiziki is the web interface to our live and breathing repository of lyrics for rwandese music.We currently host more than 10k songs and still growing.How does it relate to our other whiteboarding products? It doesn't.It's just a problem we thought should be solved and we did solve it.

Some of the technologies we use