Our products Technical Support

We provide tech support services for our line of products. Most of our products come with a one year guaranty right off the bat. When that year expires you can purchase support services so that when you need us we are there to make your problem go away. Our support team usually is a phone call or instant message away. We are on most social networking networks so it really is a matter of what you choose to let us know how we can help. Please remember to state your customer ID( labeled "blikoon costumer ID" the package that came with your product). Below are the social networks we currently use.

Technical Training&Speaking

One of our mantras is that knowledge belongs to us all. blikoon techical team has gathered a great deal of real life techical experience while developping our very own products and we share as much as we can on our blog and youtube channel and other social media portals. Our areas of expertise cover Software technologies, Electronics Systems, Programming languages,Network Technologies, Modern Server Systems. You can get a quick hint of our capabilities at our blog and youtube channel. Please contact us with as much detail as possible on how we can help and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cross Platform Desktop Software Development&Consulting

We have been developing desktop cross platform software for more than 3 years now and one of the results of that is bliboard. The modern whiteboard system being currently marketed by our company. We recently started helping other companies build their own software products building on the technical expertise of our team and we can help you too. Please contact us with the details of your product and we will see how to balance your time and budget constraints.

Web & Xmpp Server setup and Consulting

Our internal team has been fiddling with Server Side technologies and we have noticed that many companies and people are struggling with getting their setup done so they can focus on the real problem at hand. Our internal team can help you get your linux server system up and running and give you the training need to maintain it in the future.We currently help clients set up servers like Apache, Mysql, Nginx, Ejabberd, Prosody,etc and harden them with top notch security so you are safe from hackers. Please contact us and let us know your requirements.

Web Site Development for Small&Medium Sized Businesses

Our Web division has been working with web technologies for more than 3 years now and through the trial and error process we have filtered our technologies that actually do work and give best results for small&medium sized businesses in terms of getting your business online. We can help you get your business online, and give you the skills needed to maintain it yourself if you choose so. Please contact us and let us know the details of your business.

Some of the technologies we use: