A Fun and Friendry Introduction to XMPP (Comic Style)

We’ve lately been experimenting with different teaching styles for our students.Inspired by some awesome work by Julia Evans we thought it was worthwhile to package out teaching material into a comic/infographic style to help students grasp concepts fast. Here is the first version I cooked up over the weekend. If you want the full PDF version of the booklet, jump to the end of the page and type in your email. You’ll get it in your inbox. Feel free to send us your feedback right here or on twitter.Continue reading

A friendly Introduction to Computer Security

computer_securityIf you have spent some time working with(or building) software that communicates on the network ,then you have probably come across terms like SSL, MD5, SHA ,HTTPS ,STARTLS, TLS etc.Ever wondered what all that gibberish means ? Simply put ,these are technologies that aim to make your online activity secure.Secure ? How?Well Security of a computer system can be thought of from a good number of perspectives but I will just cover the most popular three :

(1) Confidentiality : Making sure that nobody other than the intended recipient sees the data you send online.Continue reading

A friendly introduction to XMPP

xmpp_iconXMPP stands for eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol.It is an open standard protocol that is used to build real time applications.Example applications are Instant Messaging Apps ,White-boarding applications,real time gaming applications and many more.The protocol uses XML as a means to exchange information.In short XMPP allows you to send chunks of XML data from one node to another in real time .In this tutorial we lay down the conceptual concepts needed to make your XMPP journey as smooth as possible.Continue reading