How to Get Rid of SSL Warnings in Qt Applications : QSslSocket: cannot resolve TLSv1_1_client_method Warnings

While working with the network aspects of your Qt applications, the majority of new people to Qt will face these cryptic warnings while to fetch data that is protected by TLS/SSL. In fact you are most probably here because you had that problem and you’re looking for a solution ;-). Most solutions online do try to address the problem and provide solutions, but to my knowledge none tried to lay out the root of the problem and provide clear steps to follow to solve the problem.It is the goal of this article to get this problem solved for you!Continue reading

HTTP Potocol : Writting a simple Client using Qt QTCPSocket and troubleshooting using telnet

http_tute_telnet_terminal_processedI have been reading the specification for the HTTP protocol lately for my projects needs and found that one needs an easy way to test the features you read about very easily either by using readily available tools or even writing your own in code.I cover both approaches in this tutorial.First I show you how to use telnet ,a command line tool you can use to interact with your server to exchange protocol data ,and after that ,show you how you can build your own reaaaaally stripped down version of a GUI telnet client using Qt.Continue reading

Qt C++ QTranslator tutorial

qtlanguistIn this (video) tutorial I go through the steps and tools involved in the process of writing international applications with the Qt toolkit.By the end ,you will be able to effectively use lupdate ,lrelease and Qt Languist to write an app that runs in english ,french and chinese!The video can be accessed through the links below: (Youtube and Youku).Continue reading