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qtlanguistIn this (video) tutorial I go through the steps and tools involved in the process of writing international applications with the Qt toolkit.By the end ,you will be able to effectively use lupdate ,lrelease and Qt Languist to write an app that runs in english ,french and chinese!The video can be accessed through the links below: (Youtube and Youku).

Youtube Video

Youku Video

Command Summary:

To generate a french ts file for your project issue the follwing command:

lupdate -pro Translatortute.pro -ts french.ts

Translate the file using Languist and save.To generate a qm file from the ts file issue the following command:

lrelease french.ts

And the qm files are generated.Import qm files in Qt Creator, load QTranslator objects with your qm files ,install QTranslator to the application and BOOOM! You’re done.

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  1. If you need to programatically insert translations into a QTranslator , this function can be reimplemented.

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