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bliboard -The Modern Whiteboard System Software

bliboard works with our modern interactive whiteboard systems to deliver top notch user experience

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Digital Whiteboards and Top Notch Projectors

Combined with our whiteboard software, our smart whiteboards and projectors allow us to deliver complete solutions that can be installed in your school or site in no time.

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Salama gives you instant access to routine daily services like buying and selling stuff, looking for jobs, house and plots buying...You can also do one on one chat and group chats.

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Imiziki -The largest online repository for rwandese music lyrics

Imiziki is the web interface to our live and breathing repository of lyrics for rwandese music.We currently host more than 10k songs and still growing.

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Our Products

blikoon produces whiteboard systems for schools and conference rooms. We provide all the hardware and software needed in carefully designed packages to target a broad range of budget constraints. Our main software product is bliboard, an all in one interactive lesson creation and whiteboarding software that brings you a large library of course material and features intuitive pen and touch capabilities.

The hardware products comprises of projectors and whiteboard that come in different models, shapes and sizes to satisfy a broad range of customer needs. Our packaged solutions usually come with our carefully added hardware and software accessories to make the user setup experience as hussle-free as possible. Besides whiteboading products ,we also are diversifying in providing online services that solve particular niche problems, in that regard,we recently started an online service for Rwandan music lyrics.

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Our Services

blikoon's main focus is bringing technology to the masses while being as cost effective as possible. Our main service is technical support for our clients in
helping them make sure the whiteboard systems run as smooth as possible. On top of that we also are committed to helping other companies and individuals get up and running in technologies we have mastered throughout years of experimenting and trial.

In that regard we provide tech training in a broad range of technologies, help companies develop their own cross platform desktop software products using proven technologies like Qt, set up all kinds of servers (web,xmpp,databases,..) to provide different services and finally build web sites for small&medium businesses. In all these services, if you choose so, we train you or your team so you can do your own management of the system we set up for you.

Our Blog

Our blog features content to support our usersĀ  mainly explaining the usage flow for our different products. These include frequently updated step by step tutorials for our software and hardware. On top of that our tech teams also bring in some of their cool tips and tricks to giveĀ  practical solutions that can help solve a particular problem at hand.These usually come from the challenges they experience themselves on a daily basis.

Our Newsletter

We constantly publish content on XMPP real time data transfer technologies and other technologies we deal with on a daily basis. Topics so far have included XMPP tutorials, Computer Networks, HTTP Servers like NGINX, database servers like MySQL, Git and many others. Our tutorials are usually to the point and aimed at enabling the reader to achieve a task at hand.

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